Best Smart Home Thermostats

Smart home gadgets have increased in popularity over recent years, significantly as the range of products has increased from smart speakers to light bulbs, video doorbells to thermostats, as well as the pricing, has become more competitive.

The smart home technology market offers something for every household; however, in this article, we will explore the best smart home thermostats on the market to intelligentially control your home’s temperature.

What is a Smart Home Thermostat?

Firstly, let us review what smart home thermostats are, the main functions and compatibility, and typical pricing.

Smart Home Thermostats are devices that can be set to automate the sequencing of temperature settings in space, including your combi boiler, ventilation, and air conditioning. The device connects to the internet and can be programmed to follow a heating or cooling schedule and be controlled remotely via an app on a smartphone. By controlling the device to suit the heating requirements more exactly, energy savings can be achieved; however, this is not guaranteed as the energy usage depends on user requirements.

A smart home thermostat is not linked to your energy provider, and therefore can be installed within most properties with no utility switching required.

Devices range in prices between brands but are typically between £150 and £280 each. Various models also have additional features such as draught detection, hot water controls, and holiday settings.

Some models also feature a geofencing function enabling virtual boundaries to be set up that notifies the device when the mobile phone app enters or leaves a particular location which can aid the automatic setting, such as switching the heating on when your phone leaves the office, for example. Geofencing can provide the most efficient heating controls, turning systems only when needed and, therefore, saving energy if used correctly.

The smart home thermostats can link with other smart technology within a home, including the Amazon Echo and Google Home, to enable other features such as voice controls.

Best Smart Home Thermostat Available

Following researching and testing a range of smart home thermostat devices, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat has topped our charts. The Ecobee thermostat comes with an additional sensor, providing an additional feature that enables rooms without a person in, not to be heated. This device also has Alexa smart speaker capabilities built inside, providing a hybrid system that can save money from buying further smart speakers.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

As our overall favourite smart home thermostat device, the Ecobee provides everything you need!

The device works with all of the main home smart speakers, although as we have briefly mentioned, the thermostat comes with Alexa technology built-in, and therefore has other features such as playing music, setting timers and reminders, or updating you on the status of your Amazon deliveries. Although on the large size, the black device also acts as a screen to display updates similar to a visual smart speaker device, showing the weather, for example.

The remote sensors that some with the device set the Ecobee above its competitors as, once set up the sensors can read the room temperatures and break down the heating functoriality depending on if there is an occupant within the room. Should you have a large property, additional sensors can be purchased to enable further zonal controlling.

The Ecobee is simple to install, too, which saves on the need for professional installation.

Due to the sensors and additional features, the Ecobee is our top device!

Nest Learning Thermostat v 3

The device just missing our top spot is the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The Nest device is compatible with all of the main home smart speakers (except the Apple HomeKit) and has a classic, streamlined circular design. The device also comes in a number of finishes to match your home décor.

The sharp display screen also senses if there is a presence within a room and lights up accordingly so the settings can be seen.

The main selling points are tech inside the device as its one of the most intelligent smart home thermostat devices on the market. The thermostat learns from the household routines and behaviors and automatically adjusts the household temperatures as needed.

It’s not surprising from the clever technology that the Nest is designed and developed by Google, and therefore as part of such a big home tech company, the Nest Learning thermostat also links to other Google Home products seamlessly.

Although this device does not provide zonal control meaning that the Nest can only cover one area, you can purchase additional Nests to set up zones within a property. The installation process is fairly simple too, with simple step-by-step instructions included.

The Echo bee and Nest are similar matched, therefore depending on the requirement for zonal controls and the other home tech in your property will likely determine your choice between our two top smart home thermostats.

Hive Active Heating 2

Another option is the Hive Active Thermostat. This device is slightly different from the other two mentioned as Hive is owned by Centrica, a heating company (with British Gas in the company’s Group), rather than a technological company. However, properties do not have to have their energy supplied by British Gas to opt for Hive.

Although self-installation is not an option with this device, the total cost includes the thermostat controller, the Hive Hub, and the installation.

Similar to the Nest, the Hive device works with most home smart speakers except for the Apple HomeKit, however the integration with Alexa is the strongest.

The controller is a little boxy in design however is simple and won’t be an eyesore on your wall. The background around the dial acts as the display for the temperature and any notifications however, doesn’t display unless the dial is operated, the buttons along with the bottom select options. The device links to the Hive app which is easy to operate and allows heating schedule programming to 15-minute intervals.

Like the Echobee, the Hive offers a Geolocation feature enabling the device to automatically turn on and off depending on the locations set by the user.

The Hive provides some great tech and is a real contender in the market. However, there are no motion-sensing features.


Smart Home Thermostats can provide efficient energy management and are very appealing for modern lifestyles where a standard heating program no longer fits the household routines as the controls can be taken on the move via a phone or tablet.